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This guy wore the same outfit on his last day of high school as his first day of preschool.
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how come when someone decides to eat only fruits and vegetables people commend them for their “willpower” and “diligence” but when i decide to eat a diet composed entirely of mozzarella sticks and vodka suddenly i’m “out of control” and “putting myself in danger”

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twitter fans and tumblr fans are like two different species

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So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

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truest shit ever spoken
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Jellies, Japan.

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The days news, in one photo
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Diane is stealing seats. Dump her ass in the ocean

Omg that caption though
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Today I went to Subway.

There were these 12 year old boys hanging around. As I got my food and left they were all checking me out like little prepubescent lemurs and one of them said “Can I get your number?” And I turned around and said “Why, you need a babysitter?”


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