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I nominate my dad in the “raise your kids better” challenge 

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Love Food? This blog is for you.
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if this isn’t the best thing you’ve seen all day then I don’t know what to tell you
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Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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Not in the mood to see where this goes, in the mood to break you apart and step on the pieces with 6 inch stilettos.

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"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe."
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prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

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every 5 seconds a woman gives birth to a baby. stop this woman.

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"i dont like short hair on girls" yeah well i dont like short dicks on guys but here u are

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I was talking to my friend on the phone and then she almost got run over and i was obviously really concerned so i asked her if she was okay and after a moment she replied “there is a Jesus in the sky” in a really matter-of-fact sort of way
so obviously I thought something was seriously wrong butimage

omg please don’t bring this back
People are converting because of this post and I’m actually Jewish oh god I fucked up

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respect existence or expect resistance

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